Shocking Discovery in the Limo Industry

It seems like every year there is some new statistical analysis that comes out for an industry that is “groundbreaking”. We’ve seen them all around; On the news, TV, radio, ads, and from the government (don’t believe a thing these guys say by the way)

However, I digress. What I’m trying to get to is that my research team has in fact analyzed the limousine industry and found some pretty disturbing facts.

Did you know that limousine rides are a way to keep the general population docile? How you may ask. Well I’ll tell ya. Obviously riding around in luxury in on anybody’s checklist. Who doesn’t like the feeling of riding around town like a celebrity? I sure as hell do. When I’m personally getting driven around I feel on top of the world. Close friends are nearby, laughs fill the room, music is playing. Its all well and good…..So you think.

Lavish Limousines and party buses are signaling to the general population on what we cannot have. The glitz and glammer that comes with being “rich and famous”. People who have outrageous amounts of money and fame are free to have or do whatever they want, usually without many consequences. They are living the “American Dream” so to say. You know, the type of lifestyle where price tags aren’t an issue and you’re free to travel the world whenever you want.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty good to me. Now getting back on track….

These people in power want one thing…To stay in power. Just think about it, there isn’t enough money in the world for everybody to be rich. For this reason 3% of the world population owns over 97% of the money. Most (not all) people with money want to keep that money. To do this they give “normal” people a little dabble of their lifestyle, for a price.

This is where limos come into place. The rich elite class allows the average citizen a day in the life of a celebrity. To I suppose create a pretty fun night. Then after that, its back to working that 9 to 5, earning a decent salary. Enough to get by, but never enough to really get ahead in life. Exactly what the rich and powerful want. They want you to fill there pocket books up by having you work your ass off. You are their puppets.

Limousines and Party Buses are just a couple ways on how they accomplish this. They want you to pay high prices to get a taste of how they live. This will give you just enough hope to keep on working hard in life. After all everybody knows that you have to work 40 years of your life, and then maybe have the last 15-20 to live in peace.  (Brainwashing by “The Man”)

So by renting a limousine from a company all your doing is making the rich person in charge of that establishment have a chuckle. You are playing right into his game. He is adding to his back account and all the while he proves how you can get rich by playing on peoples hopes.

Don’t worry, its not your fault. From your adolescent years all the way to now society has been telling you that you will never become rich. Its funny really. This idea gets so implemented into your brain that billions of people settle for mediocrity. The ones that try to challenge this perception are usually identified as “crazy” or told to snap back to reality.

But hey! What do I know. I’m just a simple person writing a blog.

Go ahead, keep on renting that limousine. Have a good night, meet up with some friends, party. Cause you know after that you have to go back to your average household with your average car, and your average job.

And with that, I conclude this rant/informative blog post.


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